**** 20% Discount on July 27-28 DriftDays before 7/24 11:59pm. Code: DriftDays7 **** 20% Discount on August 4th MotoDays before 8/1 11:59pm. Code: TrackTime2 **** 20% Discount on July 20th TrackCross before 7/17 11:59pm Code: TrackCross2 **** 20% Discount on July 21 KartDays before 7/17 11:59pm. Code: Karting

ALSCCA TrackCross July 20, 2019 *** 20% Discount through 7/17

On July 20, 2019, Midpond is hosting ALSCCA TrackCross! This event will be managed by ALSCCA on the 1/2 mile 12 turn RoadCourse better known as MidPond! This event will use the Tech Sheet from SCCA"s Track Night in America, which can be found at this page: https://www.tracknightamerica.com/pages/scca-resources

Convertibles older than 2005 need to have an approved Roll Over Protection or and OEM Hardtop!