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Moto Tech Sheet

MidPond MotoDays

Rules and Regulations

Rider and Equipment Requirements

Open track format. Adjustments will be made at event. Children and small cc minis 30 minute rotations. Big minis and Supermotos 30 minute rotations

Size Limit of Bikes

50 - 525 cc - 4 stroke 50 - 300 cc - 2 stroke

Age Limit

7 and over. Parents must be onsite and sign a liability waiver. Must pass rider safety exam.

Formal Training

To obtain a MidPond endorsement, all newcomers will have to:

Perform and pass a short course exam displaying:

● Cornering ● Stoping ● Accelerating ● Obstacle avoidance


All newcomers and novices will have a classroom session to go over and at the beginning of each event:

● Track rules ● Rider rules ● Flag colors and meanings ● Pitting and pitting rules including entrance and exits to pits. ● Behavior on the track ● Corner worker locations

After classroom, the track goes hot.

Attire Requirements Tech Inspection Required

● Full leathers with armor are highly recommended for all classes. A minimum of Kevlar race suits (1 piece or zip together), heavy duty (enduro jacket), with leather or motocross pants with armor is required. ● Motocross type riding apparel with knee pads (no sparking sliders) and a full chest/back protector may also be allowed if fitted properly. All children under the age of 15 years old are required to wear a full chest protector under their racing apparel. Examples are motocross style or Impact Armor. ( ● Race or MX boots, must cover the ankle completely. Leathers/pants must be tucked inside of boots. ● Approved full fingered leather or Kevlar gloves in good condition, with no holes or other openings except for breathing holes. ● DOT and SNELL approved full-face helmet or motocross helmet. All helmets must be in good undamaged condition. If open faced MX type must have goggles. ● Helmet face shields, eyeglasses or goggles must be made of shatterproof material. NO SUNGLASSES! ● No torn protective gear. Fasteners and zippers must function properly. ● No damaged helmets, gloves, or boots.

Bike Requirements Tech inspection required

Safety wire is required on Oil and Transmission fill caps. Radiator cap oil filter and oil\transmission drain plugs. We can help to a certain extent with this process ● Throttle must return freely ● Working engine kill switch ● Axle sliders ● Bar end sliders or hand guards ● Peg sliders ● Catch can. Carb and radiator overflow ● Liquid cooled. No glycol based antifreeze. Water wetter, Engine ice, Liquid Performance, or straight water is allowed ● No knobbie tires. Must have a road type tire
● No mirrors ● No turn signals ● No tail light or tail light brackets ● Lights taped up ● No leaking fluids ● Check for loose bolts and hardware ● Inspect moving parts for excess play ● Inspect wheels, handlebars, forks, chain, brakes, levers, and pedals and above mentioned requirements.

Rider Rules

● Absolutely no drinking and not under the influence of drugs. ● No fighting or arguing with track personnel or any others on Midpond property. ● No obscene language. ● No excessive speeds in pits. 5MPH 1st gear only ● No contact on or off the track. ● Do not stop on track. ● Obey flags ● If a rider goes down, return to pit for a bike look over. ● Allow faster riders to pass. (Intermediate and advanced) ● Intermediate and advanced riders may pass. in straights only. ● If exiting, rider must raise hand at designated location at green pit in cone. ● There is a limit to how many participants are allowed to ride in each group to ensure safety of all participants. ● 1 hour break for lunch. ● Minimum age is 18 years with a valid ID/Drivers License. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by the Mother or Father of the minor riding ● Must sign a liability waiver.

Track Rules

● No obscene language. ● Be respectful to other people and track personnel. ● No drugs or alcohol on Midpond Premise
● 5 MPH in pits. 1st gear only ● Music is allowed to be played at a respectful level.