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Kurtis Birthday Bash -  Invitation Only

Kurtis Birthday Bash - Invitation Only

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Kurtis Hall will be coming to MidPond! The main event will take place Saturday April 20. There will be 20 driver spots available, all will be pre-approved invited and approved by Kurtis advanced level drivers. We will post an up to date drivers list once we reach our driver capacity. 

To apply for the event, send your drifting application or request to info@midpond.com or Kurtis Hall. Include why you want to be there, event history, car with basic modification list, and whether or not you are comfortable with tandem drifting. As always, make sure your car passes our regulation tech sheet requirements, and be prepared for a fun time. Spectator tickets are $10, and driver spots are $150 for Saturday and $270 for both Days when your application is approved. Ride-alongs are free - provided that you wear an approved helmet. 

Media spots are available for Saturday and Sunday. Send your media applications to media@midpond.com

This event will help Kurtis Celebrate GETTING OLD at MidPond. Can't wait to see everyone out here to show Kurtis you care!