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Low Style Day - October 9th & 10th

Low Style Day - October 9th & 10th

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Low Style day is upon us!

Come join us as we celebrate low car style and Japanese drifting heritage. This is a JZ / RB / SR only festival! The drivers list is filling up! If you have a stylish car powered by one of the aforementioned engines submit a request by DMing @jackson_saxon on Instagram. Don’t miss this limited time Hanabi at the gorgeous Midpond Raceway and events complex!! See you there!

Cost for registration is $150 for Saturday or $275 for Saturday & Sunday which covers insurance for the track and gate fees. Each driver gets 1 guest. Gates open at 8:00am Central, tech on arrival, drivers meeting at 9:45, track hot at 10am, track cold at 6pm. Looking forward to seeing you there! 🏎️ 🏎️ 🏎️

There will be 40 driver spots available, all will be pre-approved or invited and approved by Jackson Saxon as stated above. 

As always, make sure your car passes our regulation tech sheet requirements and be prepared for a Fun Time