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The Slide Show Series - Sept 26th - 29th

The Slide Show Series - Sept 26th - 29th

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Slippin’ SidewayZ and madfabandperformance are hosting the “Slide Show Series” presented by Countertop Solutions Granite, Marble, & Quartz.

36 driver registration cap
+6 hand picked drivers
Total of 42 drivers

4 tracks 4 days $516 to drive
Bring a CO-Driver to drive your car with you for an additional $104 if required

Day 1 September 26 - H-Town in Calera Alabama for a drift games night event : $200 in cash prizes

Day 2 September 27 - Midpond party event with live music and bands and bbq - drift games for $200 cash prizes

Day 3 September 28 - Silver Dollar Motorsports Park. Come drift on the NEW road course! .5 miles give or take - Drift games for $200 cash prizes and QUALIFYING for Lanier comp

Day 4 September 29 - Lanier raceway/Caffeine and Octane Lanier Raceway. FULL open day to anyone. Full series drivers will compete against each other for the take home prize of $500 cash plus merch and free track time. 2nd and 3rd also will take home prizes. Full open day to any locals to compete in a comp in their own bracket for cash prizes of $250 for first plus merch and track time.

We will have a ton of media from:
Matt Krommes
Hi-End Productions
MotorCat Media
Wall Tap Media Group
And more !

Also the one and ONLY hype man Denizu Furankurin Junia will be flying out to join us

Don’t miss out on the special guest drivers. Come have a chance to drive with and against FD drivers and drivers of all skill levels. It’s gonna be a party!

Let’s get SIDEWAYZ!!!

All prices include CC fees.

Not sure if your car passes tech? Check out the link below to see the official Midpond Tech Sheet.